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Nailing an interview in ten simple steps

1. Before reaching the interview spot, first hand information and a little knowledge of the company’s profile is essential. Your aim should be tightly anchored. Why do you want to associate with a particular company is the question you should ask yourself. You can use this answer during the interview to express your desire to work for the company.
2. There are some questions that are obvious like “describe yourself”, why should we hire you? Etc. Answers to these can be rehearsed in advance and it should be put forward with confidence. These questions are asked to gauge your communication and behavioral skills. More than what you say, the way you present yourself is analyzed.
3. Nervousness is bound to encompass when you’re going for the interview. To avoid stammering first frame your answer, take some time to think about it and then answer. Talking without thinking will make you blabber things that are meaningless. Even if you speak less, make your point clear.
4. Punctuality is a test that every company seeks. Be at the venue before time.
5. The first thing that the interviewer looks upon is your attire. Follow the dress code. Wearing informal clothes shows your casual attitude while the interviewer is looking for someone who can be focused.
6. It would be preferable if you design your resume with the help of a professional. Your resume highlights your personality hence it is important. Do not lie because a lie can help you procure the job but it can also get you fired when you cannot prove yourself.
7. While making your speech maintain eye contact and do not belittle your former organization even if it is true. It gives the impression that you were not faithful to your work.
8. Do not speak with aggression but your thoughts should be aggressive. Your will to work should be aggressive.
9. Ask some intelligent questions as it makes a good impression. A person who questions is the one who has the will to learn.
10. While ending the interview express your gratitude and use kind words like it was a pleasure meeting you and it would be a privilege for me to be associated with your organization.

-Arti Bakshi
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